Contemplation brings out beauty!!

This is a special song cause it was a combustion of timing, and of people! I had the melody and chord structure all down for this song, and the lyrics just seemed to stay locked away until I thought to ask for help! So, our Toonmade peeps stepped up, and shared their ideas and hearts towards the feelings that this song was inspiring in them. Seradaye & Julia...thank you!! So glad we reached out and asked for help, cause it got SOMETHING NEW going :) And thx to Stephen for adding his lyrical thoughts too! And here it is, in it's simplest form. We are loving the message of this song, and we are looking forward to adding this to our list of songs that will be fully studio produced for a NEW , full-length album coming out this fall to all you Toonmade fans. Keep and ear out, we'll let you know when things get rolling:) cause we're gonna need your help then too!


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