HEY!! That's right...we got this! The male version, here ya go...

Stephen and I had the pleasure of collaborating with a new friend, Amy Hailstone...Go check her music out at amyhailstone.com. She rocks! and her doggies are super cute:) The 3 of us put together 2 versions of this song; one with a female lead, and the other, male:) They each bring a differing feel and importance to the song! 

We are making steps towards writing, producing, and polishing songs that are either Ad, film, or TV friendly:) The learning curve is exciting, stretching, and really fun. Excited to share this song with ya'll. WE GOT THIS is a high energy, pump-you-up Rock/Pop song that delivers positive vibes and is especially for anything and anyone getting up again and coming back with a force! - probably all of us at some point in our lives right? THIS is for you. And, WE'RE in it together.

WE GOT THIS (Male Lead)

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